ANTARES, Inc. was founded by Ed Harkrader Sr. (father of the current owner) in 1977.

The name "Antares" is derived from the largest star in our galaxy. The name was suggested to Ed Sr. by his close friend, Apollo Astronaut, John "Jack" Swigert (portrayed by Kevin Bacon in the movie Apollo 13).

While realizing a successful career as national sales manager at National BrewingCo (Colt 45 malt liquor), Ed Harkrader Sr. took advantage of the opportunity to purchase a Miami based distributor, Gordon Beverages, in 1957.

Due to consolidations and merger within the beer industry, Edward Harkrader Sr. sold Gordon Beverages to Universal Brands (now Gold Coast).

Shortly after the sale of Gordon Beverage, Edward Harkrader Sr. founded ANTARES, Inc. The business model was based on a concept of pre-selling products, using direct warehouse distribution to minimize operating and transport costs so retailers and consumers would enjoy better value.

This premise led to continuous growth and laid the foundation for our clearing services.

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